Dhanvantari Super Speciality Ayurveda Hospital

The Ultimate Health Solutions For All Types Of Ailmetns With Ancient And Modern Approach Of Ayurveda Under One Roof.

Dhanvantari super speciality Ayurveda hospital is one and only super speciality hospital of Ayurveda in the cultural heritage city, Vadodara in the heart of Gujarat state in India. Dhanvantari hospital is known for its Unique and very specialised treatments from the internationally renowned doctors of Ayurveda.

Hospital is fully equipped with advance technology where all treatments are performed with Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the great & ethical principles of the oldest medical system of the world. Dhanvantari Hospital treats their patients with the Authentic Ayurveda with the combination of latest researched technology and scientific aspect of Ayurveda. Hospital has facilities for all divisions of Ayurveda, which is famous as “ASHTANG AYURVEDA”. It has also a fully equipped operation theatre to perform Ayurvedic Ano-Rectal surgeries with unique KSHARSUTRA technic.

Dhanvantari hospital is situated at just 2 minutes of distance from the international airport of Vadodara city and just 15 minutes of distance from the railway station. It is at the prime location of Sangam cross road. 3 level building of Hospital includes suit rooms, special rooms, and general room for admission and in-house treatment. It also has very soothing and relaxing treatment rooms and spa rooms. It has many types of other relaxation treatment like hydrotherapy, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, jacuzzi, aerobics etc…

It has small herbal garden from where we get fresh herbs for various treatments.

Dhanvanatri Super Speciality Ayurveda Hospital is also looking for spreading its chain globally. We also conduct seminars and workshops for Ayurveda globally. We also promote Ayurveda academic education and research.